Love a song? Hate a song? Have a special fuzzy feeling? Think one part of the MV is hilarious? Here's where you can confess it. Please note that the confessions are not the views of the people who run this tumblr, but submitted. K MUSIC - JAN by Ri Park on Grooveshark
KSong Confessions

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I think Taeyang is the most dedicated and talented member of BigBang. However, in real life he’s an attention whore and arrogant

People! People! People!
The queue has been devastatingly empty for a while now.

Korean Entertainment Survey


Hey guys! 

I’m writing a thesis on the Korean Entertainment Industry and transmedia trends among international audiences, so if you could just take the time and answer my survey, I’d really appreciate it!

Please reblog so I can get the most results possible.I will give you virtual hugs if you share <3

It&#8217;s been 3 years since 2NE1&#8217;s &#8220;Try to Follow Me&#8221; was released, and it still makes me hype.
I can&#8217;t wait to see more MVs from GI!
People! People! People!
The queue has been devastatingly empty for a while now.
"Gotta Talk to You" makes me want to get my mack on.

What? Nobody has feels about RiRi?

Confessions please!

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“I’m too busy staring at the Tasty twins to really pay attention to their talent in MAMAMA.”
There&#8217;s something about BoA&#8217;s voice that just makes the Shark OST eerie and beautiful at the same time. I had &#8220;Between Heaven and Hell&#8221; on repeat for a week.
I don&#8217;t know about all the other Blackjacks, but I haven&#8217;t been very happy with any of the new stuff 2NE1 has put out lately.

*Finally* back from Korea and wow do I have a lot of confessions. But I want to hear from you guys first?

Also, did you miss me? :p -T

So no one has heard any new music or has feels about any artists? Submit your confessions please! The KSongsConfessions monster is hungry.

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