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KSong Confessions

I think I’d like ‘Spy’ a lot more if it were two separate songs… but because there’s the happier sound and the darker sound to it, it sounds off and is one of my least favourite Super Junior songs

Submitted by kissmevipboice. 
Nah, Spy is a really addicted song like a poison. I love it so much. And the choreo is a plus-plus!

I’m not a huge fan of Super Junior, and from hearsay I was ready not to like “Spy”. But the song is catchy and unusual and it quickly grew on me, I definitely love it (can’t say the same about the MV thought…).

I can’t judge now whether Spy is good or not. I’ll patiently waiting for the MV to judge.
I just listened to “spy” by SJ…What is this shit, seriously? I don’t want to be mean but, stop composing LeeTeuk…You’re definitely better as an MC than as a musician/singer…
A/N Tam: Leeteuk composed Only You, not Spy. Just wanted to clear this up. 

I’m really excited for Suju’s SPY! But no Siwon in dancing part is a bit disappointed…

A big budget and almost a story line for Paparazzi.. How about for Super Junior, SM?! :/
Actually, if you look at each one of SJ while dancing, they don’t really look that good. Haha. They still look cute though!
Sorry I cut your head off, Sungmin! (My first bias!) - Tam
Gulliver is such a sexy song. Their voices.. -dead-
Sexy, Free and Single has to be one of my favorite Super Junior songs. I love how they changed their style a bit into a “soulful house” feeling. It’s really nice, and Kyuhyun’s adlibs at the end of the song are aslskfdj - amazing!
Submitted by  exotic-cait94.
SJ, 2ne1, WG…. They’ll versus in this comeback! I just can’t—
SJ’s Bittersweet is too nice. I love it like crazy.
I hope so much, that SuJu will win all shows with sexy, free and single, it’d be horrible for me if they didn’t because SuJu are so long in buisness already and everybody’s fame fades one day, I don’t want SuJu’s last days to come already, they’re the kings! - a SMTowner
I feel like KPOP fans today focus more on the MVs and image of their idols. They already forgot that songs too and it’s meaning are important. Sexy, Free and Single’s meaning is very good. Fans are really hard to please.
I was expecting SJ’s 6 jib will have MV like Sherlock. I mean, at least make the music video have a simple story with all members starring in it.