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KSong Confessions
I hate SM Entertainment, but I LOVE their artists.
Submitted by: Anon

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I wasn’t a big fan of Exo when they debuted. I just couldn’t get into them for some reason. When I went to SMTOWN Live, it all changed. They had the best performances and danced better than all the other groups (and this is coming from a die hard ELF and Shawol). I was so surprised and have fell in love with them ever since!

I don’t like the Mama MV. It was too much for me. EXO doesn’t need superpowers or a mythic backstory, they’re already so talented. SM, just let them sing!

Submitted by lifini. 
I don’t know why SM must create a sub-group for SNSD and make them release new song. Seriously SNSD already has too much new songs lately. I hope SM will just pay attention on other SM Family.
I wanted to kill whoever put fucking Siwon with Taeyeon when Leeteuk’s just the guy helping her out. I’ve never seen a worse couple. You’ll always get leaders together for collabs, but SM was just like ‘screw you, Teuk. You get a supporting role.’ That’s what they always do to him and this song, which I really love, makes me so angry for all of the shit they’ve put Teuk through.