Love a song? Hate a song? Have a special fuzzy feeling? Think one part of the MV is hilarious? Here's where you can confess it. Please note that the confessions are not the views of the people who run this tumblr, but submitted. K MUSIC - JAN by Ri Park on Grooveshark
KSong Confessions
M to M really good in every drama OST. their songs and voices match so well.
Submitted by De. 
Taeyang is really adorable in his videos I Need A Girl
Submitted by fallenpatches. 

I think I’d like ‘Spy’ a lot more if it were two separate songs… but because there’s the happier sound and the darker sound to it, it sounds off and is one of my least favourite Super Junior songs

Submitted by kissmevipboice. 
Shinee’s Jonghyun annoys the shit out of me and keeps me from liking Shinee, even though I really like a lot of their songs. 

My favorite single from Daesung is Baby Don’t Cry I think its very pretty.

Submitted by fallenpatches.

I’ve listened to “Gangnam Style” of Psy soooo much during my hollidays than even my mom ends up humming it all the time. This song is so. damn. addictive.
I love all Pledis Family such as Son Dambi, AS, Nu’Est. But I don’t gain any interest in Hello Venus, idk why.
I’ve never really found G-Dragon sexy or hot but in the video Baby Goodnight he definitely is sexy!
Nah, Spy is a really addicted song like a poison. I love it so much. And the choreo is a plus-plus!

I’m not a huge fan of Super Junior, and from hearsay I was ready not to like “Spy”. But the song is catchy and unusual and it quickly grew on me, I definitely love it (can’t say the same about the MV thought…).

I want Gd & Top to make another album!

Submitted by fallenpatches. 

Be Ma Girl is good, but I don’t think it can beat To You. But, well, I will still listen to it until I get addicted maybe?

I can’t judge now whether Spy is good or not. I’ll patiently waiting for the MV to judge.
I ove Yoochun so much in JYJ. But Junsu and Jaejoong’s voice are just too good to listen to.

I don’t like Spy as much as I like Sexy, Free and Single. I love the 20’s sounding verses though! It’s the chorus/spy stuff that sounds off to me. However, I really love how Spy is such an experimental song, and I do like it. :)

Submitted by jackietlee.