Love a song? Hate a song? Have a special fuzzy feeling? Think one part of the MV is hilarious? Here's where you can confess it. Please note that the confessions are not the views of the people who run this tumblr, but submitted. K MUSIC - JAN by Ri Park on Grooveshark
KSong Confessions

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I’m going to go with the suggestion written above this ask box: My first ever KPOP MV was DBSK’s Mirotic and I really thought it was a strange song with an even stranger MV. Now that I’m more into KPOP, I still think that Mirotic is strange. O_O
I thought Boyfriend was total trash until Janus and now I expect a lot from them.

Favorite Song of 2012?

Sorry guys, the theme hasn’t been updated yet. So you still have time to tell us your favorite song! 

Otherwise, we’ll be forced to do Gangnam Style since 2012 was clearly the year of it!

K-Pop is a lifestyle not just a phase.
Submitted by: me2go
The first K-Pop video I ever watched was “Gee” by SNSD. Since I was so into anime and japan I thought it was japanese. But it’s strange…I don’t remember how I got more into K-Pop, but I can say even now I love the song, but I’m totally no SNSD fan.
Submitted by: Anon
Wonder Boyz “Open The Door” is such a great blend of kpop and trot music. They look like they are having so much fun in the music video too!
Submitted by: Anon
There are hardly any K-Pop MVs I can watch and support directly on YouTube. A company, which is in charge of copyright in my country, loves to block EVERYTHING official! It’s so stupid, I want to support the MVs, too!
Submitted by: Anon

Okay, we need a TIE BREAKER.

We currently have even votes for 2 of the videos from the TOP 10 HALLOWEEN KSONGS.

I need EVERYONE who sees this to vote… and quickly!

It’ll only take 2 seconds of your time!

OPTION #1: Epik High - Don’t Hate Me

OPTION #2: Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Ba


Who do you think should win for best Halloween SONG/MV?

If I see people comment about how good a song is I’ll definitely go download it to try to listen.
Submitted by: Anon
A Korean friend of mine introduce me a song by Urban Zakapa titled Caffe Latte. Such a great recommend! The song is soft and sweet.

Submitted by sjdb-operandante.
I can’t stop listening to ‘Kiss Kiss’ by Chaos. I liked them since She’s Coming, didn’t pay attention to Racer, and fell in love with them again for Kiss Kiss. Chaos-oppas are seriously amazing.
Submitted by tee-a-bear.
I like Message song by MyName. It’s quite catchy.

Submitted by Mew.
I miss Secret debut song ‘I Want You Back’. It has Western feeling. I hope people give more attention to that song.
Submitted by meme.